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Eleanor has been establishing a successful YouTube channel featuring videos about vocational education, horticulture, being a young business owner and more. 

The aim of the videos is to bring confidence to younger people who don't suit the 'standard' educational system; to help them navigate vocational learning and encourage them to branch out into learning new skills.

It's also to provide information to anyone setting up their own business; helpful guidance to creating a successful career with a vocational skill. 

Other videos include gardening tutorials, spoon carving time-lapses and much more. Take a look at www.youtube.com/eogardening/.

Have written articles for local magazines, online editorials and my own blog. Topics included garden design, garden maintenance, young people in horticulture, gardening sustainably, bringing wild nature back into our gardens and more.

She also posts inspirational posts over on Instagram @eogardening.

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